A little more than a year ago we are now running our online LEGO® store willebrick.store.

After our first sales on other bricklinks and brickowls, I am happy with how the site already looks today.
A lot of work has already crept in, not only the appearance, but also the user-friendliness and content can be presented as nicely and as well as possible.
Given that I mainly do this after the "day hours" maintenance and operation, it sometimes took a little longer to implement certain adjustments.

I started this store last year as I only noticed how popular those little LEGO® blocks are, I had no idea before that! But despite what many claim it is not a simple task to sell LEGO®, not least because LEGO® itself is very protectionist. Understand somewhere, but that makes it harder for the small retailer like me to offer (new) LEGO®.

That is why our website mainly focuses on "used" LEGO®. The term "used" is very broad: this can be LEGO® that has been played with, to new, sealed construction sets. "Used" LEGO® actually succeeds in the fact that it has been purchased / purchased from private individuals.

On the attached you can see a bit of our stock, I estimate it is about 1 / 5th of all LEGO® that we currently have in stock. A lot of time will pass before we have all our stock online. In the meantime, I hope to be able to send you a new blog post from time to time and I would like to hear from you what you think of our website.

With best regards,