Dear people,

Whether we want it or not, these are tough times.
Covid19 does keep us all busy in one way or another. I sincerely hope that you will be spared as much as possible from this disease.
Personally I have been working from home since Monday 16/03, appropriate for the children who are no longer allowed to go to school until after the Easter holidays. It is quite an activity, a bit of housekeeping, a bit of work and having the kids do and do homework.
Personally, I still think it is not too bad, but I am blessed with a relatively large garden where the children can romp in without fear of what is going on outside our domain. And the good weather is certainly a plus at the moment.
I can imagine that people in an apartment are less lucky.

In any case, because this is an online store, I have the luxury of staying open during this crisis. So if you are looking for LEGO® do not hesitate to order this from us as I can certainly ship everything I have in stock.

All I have left for now is to wish you good health and I hope to welcome you as a customer soon.

Kind regards,