Good news for the adult fans of LEGO® Mosaic!
From August 1, LEGO® will release the new LEGO® Art sets!
These sets offer the possibility to build well-known portraits or characters and then display them on your wall in your home or office.

LEGO® Art consists of 4 sets featuring Andy Warhol's Marylin Monroe, The Beatles, Star WarsTM The SithTM and Marvel's Iron Man. With the first 2 you can make 4 portraits, with the Star Wars and Marvel 3.
You can convert the latter 2 into 1 large portrait.

Thanks to a new hanging element, you can easily hang your artworks on the wall and with an improved tool you can easily break everything down to start again.

Each set is also supplied with a unique signature tile and accompanying soundtrack that you can listen to during construction.