I regularly see the question whether it is easy to sell LEGO®.

That depends on what you want to sell and through which channels.

It is not very difficult to start your own shop via the well-known websites, but you have to take into account a number of important things:

  1. do you do this to finance your own hobby and is it rather a small-scale shop? 
  2. is it more intended as an extra or main income?

in the first case it is not all that difficult, although you must always make sure that you inventorize your items that you sell and can easily find them. This can take quite some time, especially when you have to sort through many kilos of LEGO®, this is a very time-consuming job!

In the second case, there is a bit more to it, especially also administrative.
If you do this correctly, you will probably have to apply for a company number, whether or not exempt from VAT (an accountant can give you more information about this). You will also have to keep accounts in which you keep track of your purchases and sales.
You will have to invest a lot of time in maintaining your webshop(s) and promoting them.
Certainly if you consider this as your main income, you will have to start this as a full-time job, and then I honestly do not know whether it is worth the cabbage…
Above all, you have to realize that you are no longer the only one with the idea of ​​selling LEGO®, so it becomes extra difficult to stand out above the crowd.

Personally, I do my LEGO® shop(s) as an extra, and I also have the time to continue building this up. Especially the promotion of these shops and the sorting out of the many kilos of LEGO® are the most time consuming for me.
I enjoy doing this and hope that over time I will own a successful LEGO® store

But in itself it is not all that difficult, but will you quickly earn a good living with it?

I do not think so!

Good luck if you take the step!

Everyone stay healthy!

With best regards,